Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Stormy Start?

Welcome to BURR Lab's Coral Spawning Blog 2012!

Our dedicated coral enthusiasts return!! Minus some previous hard workers, however adding some new faces. We will be re-convening at the Keys Marine Laboratory at mile marker 68 in the Florida Keys for what promises to be an exciting few days of research, experiments, preparation and.....our main event..... (drumroll)........

Shelby (Mac's PhD student) and Anke (Mac's Post-doc) have been down in the FL Keys working on a Thermal tolerance project and have been getting preparations ready for Spawning 2012 since early August.

Rachel (Mac's recently graduated MS student) came down to KML Friday night just in time to go to bed and wake up to torrential rain, gusts of wind and a text message from Cindy (KML's staff) saying evacuation of KML was needed ASAP.

So our satellite BURR Lab in the Keys (Anke, Shelby and Rachel) quickly sampled the corals for the Thermal tolerance experiment, packed up belongings, and drove up to north Miami to wait out the wrath of Hurricane Issac.

Hopefully all is well back at KML for their return Monday or Tuesday.

We will keep you posted until then!