Friday, October 5, 2012

Spawning 2012 Part 2!

Update from our satellite BURR member in Curacao!

Shelby has arrived in Curacao and is prepping for the spawning which is predicted to occur Oct. 5-7.  All the sea water is filtered, so now they are just waiting and helping in the lab with whatever else needs to be done before the spawning event occurs.

Shelby has surveyed the dive site and reports: "AMAZING...the clarity here is incredible and there is so much to see (including some huge Acropora palmata, Dendrogyra (a personal favorite of Shelby's!), and massive stands of Porites porites."

 There are only four scientists working together, and the site they are collecting the spawn from is driving distance from the lab. Once at the site, they just walk out into the water to the site to observe the spawning.

Last night was the first dry run of Montastrea spawning, so we are all hoping everything went smoothly in preparation for tonight!

Good luck Shelby we'll be thinking of you the next few nights and hope that those corals spawn!

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