Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

A long weekend getting ready for the even longer 4 days ahead!
Just because Rachel loves Cassiopea xamachana
 While the rest of the FL Keys enjoyed their long holiday Labor Day weekend, Team BURR at KML labored hard as the arrival of Mac, Pam and DJ spurred new energy and enthusiasm!

Pam, already hard at work prepping the glow sticks

Pam, a veteran coral spawning volunteer and most reliable team member got right to work helping out with anything and everything from organizing the mess of the refrigerator to prepping the cyalumes (glow sticks) and filtering sea water. It is such a relief to have her and her positive energy with us once again!

DJ happy as always to be working

DJ has been busy getting all his supplies ready for his project. He will be collecting egg-sperm bundles at Alligator reef for his MS project to see if corals with horizontal transmission of symbionts also partake in vertical transmission. More specifically, if Montastrea faveolata egg-sperm bundles harbor symbionts, and to what extent are they genetically similar to the maternal colony.

Shelby is excited for the arrival of the volunteers

After a long day of preparing the wet lab, filtering sea water, and generally organizing and getting everything all set, the wet lab looks coral spawning official! Kreisels are up and running leak-free with sea water, each kreisel labeled with what it will be inoculated with (Clade B, Clade A, Mixed (A and B), and Natural.), the boat kits stocked, flashlights checked, tents all prepared, and coolers set up on cinder blocks ready for the larvae.

Kreisels in full operation

 Now all we need is for those corals to spawn!


Sunday evening Mac, Anke, Shelby, Rachel, DJ, Pam and Cindy all took a trip up to Key Largo to visit with Bill Fitt and Susan Quinlan, Jim Porter, Dusty Kemp and Ashton (University of Georgia, Athens), Steve and Rita Kempf (Auburn University), and Joe Schubaurer (EPA). We enjoyed a wonderful evening away from KML with good food, snorkeling and company! As well as conversation that was both scientific and just for fun! It was a great time meeting with fellow Symbiodinium,coral, and jellyfish scientists!
The crew of scientists gathering together! Missing from the picture: Jim, Joe, and Ashton

DJ the beautiful mermaid and Rachel the Keys Fisheries chef

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