Thursday, September 6, 2012

Night 2 on the Reefs

Night 2 on the Florida Reefs!

Boat roster; two boat teams going out; one from KML the other from Mote Marine Lab
A slow morning for those at KML as we tried to get some rest after the long night, and in preparation for the next few nights with spawning and larval caring.
Peter, Charlotte and Chris help repair tents

But by afternoon, we had boat kits packed, tents repaired, sea water filtered, glow-sticks ready to go, flashlights checked, and new arriving volunteers orientated.

Mote Marine Laboratory, Summerland Key

For the next several nights Team BURR will be going out on two boats; the R/V Diadon from KML and the Moat Boat from Mote Marine Laboratory in Summerland Key.  The Diadon will be going to Alligator Reef every night and the Mote Boat goes out to Looe Key every night.

Mote Boat preparing for departure for Looe Key

 Joining Team BURR (Anke, Shelby, Rachel, Charlotte and Sacha) aboard the Mote Boat from Mote Marine Lab was Corey (our captain), Kim, and Chris. The remainder of our army of volunteers and BURR members were at Alligator Reef.

Anke and Charlotte aboard the Mote Boat

Anke and Charlotte enjoy a lovely boat cruise out to Looe Key!

Kim and Shelby set up tents

All teams were a-go as tent set-up occurred at both Alligator Reef and Looe Key.

Chris tenting M. fav

Chris, tenting a beautiful colony of Montastrea faveolata

Nicely done setting up!
 Looe Key is a beautiful reef, so our divers and snorkelers were lucky to have some time after setting up to explore the reef a bit before heading back to the boat for the long wait.

Looe Key is a beautiful diving or snorkeling site!

Montastrea faveolata.....

This is what we want to see!
Shelby all geared up to check for spawning

We checked between 10:30pm until about 11:20pm but none of the corals were setting or showing any signs of spawning.

No spawning corals, but a bunch of barracuda and even a shark were spotted at Looe Key

Back to KML by 2:30pm, Team BURR and all volunteers cleaned up gear and tents and headed to the dorms or bay house for some much-needed rest....who is going to dream of coral spawning for Night 3 on the Reef?!

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